Plus size designers - ultimate fashion guide

Plus size designers are not that easy to find. There are only a few great fashion designers who decided to dedicate their career to plus size clothing. I’m going to show you exactly where to find outstanding designer plus size clothes at affordable prices. So in case you are searching for some great outfits, you arrived at the appropriate spot. Welcome to my blog where I share the best fashion tips for plus size women. Whether you are seeking a great dress, a glamorous top, a shirt for the office, cropped pants, chinos, swimwear, tunics, boleros, miniskirts, slacks, coats, or jackets – I know all the best places where to find them! Your dream fashion is only a few clicks away! You do not even have to abandon your own house to find plus size designers that match your style and character. Right here, right now - you're in the place. When fashion shopping recall my number one hint: you need to feel comfortable and assured in whatever you happen to be wearing. Seems hard? It's truly not that tough if you follow my simple personal style suggestions.

Kiyonna – my number one plus size designer

First, I’m going to present to you one of my favourite plus size designers: Kiyonna. When it comes to dresses, there is truly no match for them. For the summer, I especially suggest V neck dresses for plus size women. V necks are notably cunning, flirty and amorous. The depth of the decolletage varies letting one to select more or less showing fashions. It accentuates the neckline and boobs without being overly apparent. And cleavage is what most plus-size girls enjoy to emphasize, because there's a lot to take pride in! You can not go incorrect with our assortment of Kiyonna plus size clothing. You may also select between cocktail and maxi spans. Plus size maxi gowns are notably designed for women who do not enjoy to reveal their legs too much. What Is specially popular this season is lace and Kiyonna does not disappoint in the lace section. You may pick the colours in the exclusive variety of: cafe and cream, black, onyx, black/nude and teal. Really, if you happen to be looking for dresses, make sure you visit Kiyonna, you can often find amazing bargains in their sale section. I personally have a few dresses by this designer and some of them I’ve had for years – they remain fashionable and great quality!

Igigi – or maybe this is my number one?

Now it’s the time to present to you my other number one plus size fashion designer. I really can’t decide whether Kiyonna or IGIGI is my number one! So they both stand on the first place at the podium! Yuliya Raquel, the designer behind IGIGI is a renowned throughout the world, and she truly deserves it! This season her fashion is more traditional with cocktail span dresses featuring both somewhat shallower  Vnecks and spherical necklines. Some of her styles for plus size women additionally include lacy sleeves - What did we say? Yes, lace is undoubtedly en vogue this season! These ensembles are perfect if you have hourglass body (large breasts, small waistlines and broader hips). The gowns offer more assistance, the decolletage does not over-flow, and the entire shape seems astonishingly polished and tasteful. So, what do you say? Have you fallen in love with those two plus size designers already? I certainly have! Every single fashion item from them is a treat. I could really just have everything they sell in my wardrobe, because there is not a single item I don’t like!

Plus size New Look – great fashion at affordable prices

Plus size New Look
Plus size New Look
New Look is great for cheap plus size clothing, you probably know that. I always liked shopping there, even whn I used to wear smaller sizes. But after I developed more curvy shape and discovered plus size New Look, I was hooked. I was just having a look at their new collection for the sake of this article and I simply fell in love with this dress. It looks so funky, even though it’s black with just this contrasting white collar. And the prices at New Look are amazing. It is one of only a few shops, where I can allow myself to shop the new collections. As you know Kiyonna and IGIGI are much more pricey, that’s why it makes sense to buy sale items from them. But New Look? Thy have top quality plus size clothes at prices I can afford. A perfect combination! Your own body deserves to be gratified and indulged. And what is a greater treat than a great ensemble, that's designed only for a girl like you - assured, smart and understanding what she needs. And New Look gives you all that at affordable prices!

New Look plus sizes – more inspiration from this great store

Plus size designers
Plus size designers - New Look
I cannot praise the New Look plus sizes enough, so I decided to go to their website and pick a few things to write about on my blog. Their trousers, chinos  and shorts are to die for and when matched with one among their eye catching tops or a blouse they make the best summer ensemble. Just have a look at some of their casual trousers, what a great selection of super comfy stuff! I would wear them all day long! But I have to go back to dresses, because they are what I specialize in. You know what’s great about dresses? That you just pop them on, add a couple of accessories, shoes and voila! You’re ready to go out! It definitely is the case with New Look plus sizes. Skater dresses are certainly in fashion this season, so let’s have a look at another one: red check sleeveless skater dress. This length is very flattering for plus size women, even though many of us are afraid to wear anything above the knee. Believe me or not, but you will almost certainly look more sumptuous in a mid-thigh length than anything below the knee. Just try it next time you go shopping, or if you’re ordering online, get some shorter styles, you can always return the items if you don’t like them!

A look at plus size clothing stores online

So, as you can see there are a few plus size clothing stores online, but the choice is still limited, so just have to know where to shop. Summer is coming and with summer come dresses in all varieties and we are here to advise you on what is hot this season. Are you tired of models talking about their beach bodies? Magazines telling you how only at 20 percent body fat you will really look hot this summer? Well, if this is what you are aiming for, that is great, but we are here to talk about plus size womens clothing stores online and how to find the best clothes for your body. On my blog I will help you find out how to accentuate your best body parts with the right plus size dresses in the UK. Do realise what your strengths are? What do you get most complimented on? This is where we start. You have to find the confidence in you. So let us start from the top. Boobs. Have you ever felt that a man was not talking to you but to your cleavage? It certainly is an indication, that you can be proud of your boobs. Perhaps it is not a direct compliment, but you can treat it as one. If people notice your boobs, it means there is something to show off. And summer is the best time for it. You do not have to find excuses to show a bit more cleavage. With V neck dresses you can choose exactly how much you want to show. You can look innocent or flirty. And if you show a bit too much? Hey, it's accidental!

Plus size designers – love the times we live in

What does all perfect plus size clothing has in common? It makes you feel great. A fabled Hollywood costume designer Edith Head said once in an interview that a dress should be tight enough to show you are a woman and loose enough to show you are a lady. Do you agree? So go ahead, ban the ugly, baggy and unflattering clothes that only exaggerate the fact that you want to hide something. Be proud of your body and show what you want to show without focusing on the negatives. This is the key to success. And one last thing – don't forget about accessories! Complete your summer look with a stunning pouch, a clutch or a studded leather shoulder bag. Finding great plus size designers isn’t easy but it becoming less challenging thanks to the internet. Enjoy the times we live in!


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