Plus size designers - ultimate fashion guide

Plus size designers are not that easy to find. There are only a few great fashion designers who decided to dedicate their career to plus size clothing. I’m going to show you exactly where to find outstanding designer plus size clothes at affordable prices. So in case you are searching for some great outfits, you arrived at the appropriate spot. Welcome to my blog where I share the best fashion tips for plus size women. Whether you are seeking a great dress, a glamorous top, a shirt for the office, cropped pants, chinos, swimwear, tunics, boleros, miniskirts, slacks, coats, or jackets – I know all the best places where to find them! Your dream fashion is only a few clicks away! You do not even have to abandon your own house to find plus size designers that match your style and character. Right here, right now - you're in the place. When fashion shopping recall my number one hint: you need to feel comfortable and assured in whatever you happen to be wearing. Seems hard? It's truly not that tough if you follow my simple personal style suggestions.

Kiyonna – my number one plus size designer

First, I’m going to present to you one of my favourite plus size designers: Kiyonna. When it comes to dresses, there is truly no match for them. For the summer, I especially suggest V neck dresses for plus size women. V necks are notably cunning, flirty and amorous. The depth of the decolletage varies letting one to select more or less showing fashions. It accentuates the neckline and boobs without being overly apparent. And cleavage is what most plus-size girls enjoy to emphasize, because there's a lot to take pride in! You can not go incorrect with our assortment of Kiyonna plus size clothing. You may also select between cocktail and maxi spans. Plus size maxi gowns are notably designed for women who do not enjoy to reveal their legs too much. What Is specially popular this season is lace and Kiyonna does not disappoint in the lace section. You may pick the colours in the exclusive variety of: cafe and cream, black, onyx, black/nude and teal. Really, if you happen to be looking for dresses, make sure you visit Kiyonna, you can often find amazing bargains in their sale section. I personally have a few dresses by this designer and some of them I’ve had for years – they remain fashionable and great quality!

Igigi – or maybe this is my number one?

Now it’s the time to present to you my other number one plus size fashion designer. I really can’t decide whether Kiyonna or IGIGI is my number one! So they both stand on the first place at the podium! Yuliya Raquel, the designer behind IGIGI is a renowned throughout the world, and she truly deserves it! This season her fashion is more traditional with cocktail span dresses featuring both somewhat shallower  Vnecks and spherical necklines. Some of her styles for plus size women additionally include lacy sleeves - What did we say? Yes, lace is undoubtedly en vogue this season! These ensembles are perfect if you have hourglass body (large breasts, small waistlines and broader hips). The gowns offer more assistance, the decolletage does not over-flow, and the entire shape seems astonishingly polished and tasteful. So, what do you say? Have you fallen in love with those two plus size designers already? I certainly have! Every single fashion item from them is a treat. I could really just have everything they sell in my wardrobe, because there is not a single item I don’t like!

Plus size New Look – great fashion at affordable prices

Plus size New Look
Plus size New Look
New Look is great for cheap plus size clothing, you probably know that. I always liked shopping there, even whn I used to wear smaller sizes. But after I developed more curvy shape and discovered plus size New Look, I was hooked. I was just having a look at their new collection for the sake of this article and I simply fell in love with this dress. It looks so funky, even though it’s black with just this contrasting white collar. And the prices at New Look are amazing. It is one of only a few shops, where I can allow myself to shop the new collections. As you know Kiyonna and IGIGI are much more pricey, that’s why it makes sense to buy sale items from them. But New Look? Thy have top quality plus size clothes at prices I can afford. A perfect combination! Your own body deserves to be gratified and indulged. And what is a greater treat than a great ensemble, that's designed only for a girl like you - assured, smart and understanding what she needs. And New Look gives you all that at affordable prices!

New Look plus sizes – more inspiration from this great store

Plus size designers
Plus size designers - New Look
I cannot praise the New Look plus sizes enough, so I decided to go to their website and pick a few things to write about on my blog. Their trousers, chinos  and shorts are to die for and when matched with one among their eye catching tops or a blouse they make the best summer ensemble. Just have a look at some of their casual trousers, what a great selection of super comfy stuff! I would wear them all day long! But I have to go back to dresses, because they are what I specialize in. You know what’s great about dresses? That you just pop them on, add a couple of accessories, shoes and voila! You’re ready to go out! It definitely is the case with New Look plus sizes. Skater dresses are certainly in fashion this season, so let’s have a look at another one: red check sleeveless skater dress. This length is very flattering for plus size women, even though many of us are afraid to wear anything above the knee. Believe me or not, but you will almost certainly look more sumptuous in a mid-thigh length than anything below the knee. Just try it next time you go shopping, or if you’re ordering online, get some shorter styles, you can always return the items if you don’t like them!

A look at plus size clothing stores online

So, as you can see there are a few plus size clothing stores online, but the choice is still limited, so just have to know where to shop. Summer is coming and with summer come dresses in all varieties and we are here to advise you on what is hot this season. Are you tired of models talking about their beach bodies? Magazines telling you how only at 20 percent body fat you will really look hot this summer? Well, if this is what you are aiming for, that is great, but we are here to talk about plus size womens clothing stores online and how to find the best clothes for your body. On my blog I will help you find out how to accentuate your best body parts with the right plus size dresses in the UK. Do realise what your strengths are? What do you get most complimented on? This is where we start. You have to find the confidence in you. So let us start from the top. Boobs. Have you ever felt that a man was not talking to you but to your cleavage? It certainly is an indication, that you can be proud of your boobs. Perhaps it is not a direct compliment, but you can treat it as one. If people notice your boobs, it means there is something to show off. And summer is the best time for it. You do not have to find excuses to show a bit more cleavage. With V neck dresses you can choose exactly how much you want to show. You can look innocent or flirty. And if you show a bit too much? Hey, it's accidental!

Plus size designers – love the times we live in

What does all perfect plus size clothing has in common? It makes you feel great. A fabled Hollywood costume designer Edith Head said once in an interview that a dress should be tight enough to show you are a woman and loose enough to show you are a lady. Do you agree? So go ahead, ban the ugly, baggy and unflattering clothes that only exaggerate the fact that you want to hide something. Be proud of your body and show what you want to show without focusing on the negatives. This is the key to success. And one last thing – don't forget about accessories! Complete your summer look with a stunning pouch, a clutch or a studded leather shoulder bag. Finding great plus size designers isn’t easy but it becoming less challenging thanks to the internet. Enjoy the times we live in!

Plus size womens clothing - feel incredible every day

Plus size womens clothing - ready for your celebrity makeover? To look like a celebrity, you need to feel like one. Sounds difficult? It’s actually not that hard. The number one tip every star will give you is this: you have to be comfortable in your own body. Remember the hit song Bootylicious by Beyoncé? In the singer’s own words: “Forget what people are saying, you're bootylicious. That's all. It's a celebration of curves and a celebration of women's bodies.” Isn’t that great? Your body deserves to be pampered and celebrated. And what's a better treat than a unique dress, which is designed just for a women like you - confident, smart and knowing what she wants. Because just as the actress Sofia Vergara says: Confidence is sexy! So, what’s your style this summer? Dreamy and romantic? Flirty, coquettish? Elegant, chic and sumptuous? Or maybe all of them depending on the occasion? Flattering, delightful, yet affordable plus size clothing is what I write about on my blog. In the fabulous habiliments, which I feature here, you’ll stand out from the crowd no matter the occasion - whether it’s an exciting first date, a night out with the girls, a stroll on the beach, or a day at work.

Plus size womens clothing UK – the search begins

Have you been searching for plus size womens clothing UK and all you happen to be finding are loose oversize dresses? Do you desire to appear and feel like you are on a runway even though what you feel most comfy in cheap plus size clothing? Attractiveness comes in all forms, shapes and sizes and I celebrate it. After all this is what makes the world so beautiful! It's time to detect what makes you amazing and assured. Have you been conscious what elements of your physique are you like the most happy of? What do you get complimented on the most? Let us take a peek at some stars. In case you are like the vocalist and performer Jordin Sparks - it is your waistline. Look at her, she accentuates her center part whenever she can. If you wish to dress like her you can't make a mistake with the hottest assortment of plus size dresses from IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel. Dresses and add-ons from IGIGI are to perish for. The designer herself stated that each girl desires to emphasize her best characteristics, de-emphasize her places of concern, and be able to strut confidently in garments she adores. If you want my recommendation, take a gander at her astonishing plus size clothes!

Plus size womens clothes - select your neckline

What if you like to accentuate your neckline? Well, then V neck plus size womens clothes are a superb choice for you. V necks are amazingly pretty and flattering. The depth of the decolletage changes enabling one to pick more or less revealing trends. V necks accentuate boobs and the neckline without being excessively evident. And cleavage is what most plus size girls like to accentuate. This can be of course because there normally is a lot to take pride in. And if you join a v-neck with a higher or lower-waisted dress you simply got yourself the best hourglass ensemble. It is a style you simply cannot skip. And it's really practical also, you'll be able to wear it to your work or when you go out. You might naturally need to choose a round neckline which can be additionally wonderful or an intimate sweetheart contour, which will be notably en vogue this summertime. But your collection of cheap plus size clothing is not just about the dresses. If you’re looking for more casual plus size womens clothes, something to wear at work, have a look at our collection by Que. Their trousers and chinos are amazingly comfortable and when matched with one of their eye catching tops or a tunic they make the perfect summer outfit.

Clothes for plus size women – freshen up your wardrobe

Do you want to freshen up your wardrobe for summer time with some amazing clothes for plus size women? Let's get started! If you are in search of some spectacular plus size womens clothing, you've arrived at the correct spot. And while plus size clothing just isn't something that forthwith comes to mind when thinking of Hollywood, you will find many celebrities who boast alluring curves and aren't embarrassed to show them off. What is even better you do not have to break the bank to appear spectacular. The body deserves to be pampered and treated well. And the finest way to treat your figure would be to put on something genuinely wonderful, like clothes for plus size women that have been designed only for a girls like you. A girl that's assured, smart and understanding what she needs. Look in the mirror and merely visualize how delightful you'll appear in a gorgeous new outfit. You truly deserve it! Whether you might be hunting for a perfect dress, an stunning top, a shirt to use on the job, cropped pants, chinos, swimwear, tunics, boleros, miniskirts, slacks, coats, or jackets - they are merely a few clicks away! You do not even have to depart your own flat to locate plus size clothing for women that will match your fashion and style.

Experiment a little with your plus size clothing for women

If you like experimenting with plus size clothing for women, you should definitely try Robell and their “tummy tuck jeans”. They have a smart, concealed panel that slims your tummy and controls your figure. It's not your regular shapewear which makes you look like an overflowing muffin. You'll feel and look great in the new Robells, no one will ever realise that there is a trick to your flat tummy! From a different designer I particularly enjoy sumptuous plus size clothing for women which features ruffling across the bust and wonderful embellishments which bring focus precisely to the correct parts. The flexible straps make the dresses particularly versatile. You're able to finish your appearance with a bolero, or decide on an adorable cardigan in case it gets chillier. And don’t forget about a bag and all the add-ons that may go astonishingly well with your new outfit.

Plus size clothes for women: looking for a perfect dress

Plus size womens clothing
Plus size womens clothing by IGIGI
What should a perfect dress look like? A legendary Hollywood Costume designer Edith Head once said that a dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady. If you agree, then you just have to take a look at what Kiyonna, an amazing brand of plus size clothes for women, has to offer. Lovely décolletage on those close fitting but amazingly flattering dresses in robust colours. If your boobs is what you’re proud of, you can’t go wrong with the Kiyonna lacy dresses. Chic and classy, flirty and flattering - they are all want from a dress. Nevertheless if you favor plus size dresses with sleeves, we'd like to point you in the way of IGIGI plus size clothing. Yuliya is a renown plus size designer and also this season her fashion is more classic with cocktail span dresses featuring both marginally shallower v-necks and spherical necklines. Some of her layouts for plus size girls additionally include lacy sleeves - What did we say? Yes, lace is undoubtedly en vogue this time! These ensembles are perfect if you've got hourglass body (fuller breasts, little waistlines and broader hips). The plus size clothes for women supply more assistance, the decolletage does not over flow, and the entire shape appears astonishingly polished and refined. The IGIGI gowns will provide you with a stunning feel and they are easily worn at formal and other occasions.

Plus size womens clothing – fashion at your fingertips

I hope that you've got an improved thought now on how you can dress in a comfy yet fashionable manner in plus size womens clothing UK. Your figure deserves to be gratified and indulged. And what is a greater treat than a lovely ensemble, that's designed only for a lady like you - assured, smart and understanding what she needs. Because just as the performer Sofia Vergara states: self-confidence is hot! So, what is your style this summertime? Dreamy and intimate? Flirty, coquettish? Refined, stylish and sumptuous? Or possibly all of them depending on the event? Please let me know your thoughts on plus size womens clothing in the comments, I always love to hear from my readers!

Plus Size Clothing – My Plus Size Fashion Inspirations

Plus size clothing – shopping for ideal outfits is exciting but can also be exhausting. You know what I’m talking about. When you look at shops that don’t specialise in plus size clothes, there is always so much choice. But how is it good for me? For us? Trousers are long and skinny. Skirts are short and tight. Blouses don’t button up. It’s all very pretty, but doesn’t fit. Before the internet, I would often come back home frustrated and depressed. I’d set out on a shopping journey early in the morning to avoid crowds on high street or in shopping centres, only to come back home with empty hands and tears in my eyes. It was devastating. How could a girl look trendy when she is plus size? It was unfair. I had to resort to baggy trousers, leggings, or maybe, if I was lucky, to a maxi dress (but they were rarely in fashion). As with everything, the internet has changed my life. Not only I am now able to do all my shopping online without getting frustrated in the shops and compare prices of different online  stores, but also I can find my inspirations online. Yes, I’m talking about plus size fashion bloggers. Do you want to know who my favourite bloggers are? Let me take you on a journey!

Where To Find The Most Trendy Cheap Plus Size Clothing

When I’m talking about cheap plus size clothing I don’t mean cheap looking, I hope you know that! To me a bargain is important. I’m not rich, so I can’t afford to shop only the newest collections. In fact I hardly ever shop the new collections. Why? Because they are expensive and you can often find similar items in the clearance sections of the same websites. People say that fashion changes quickly, but I don’t agree. It changes gradually. One thing falls out of fashion, another one comes in to fashion. But some elements stay for many seasons. So only the most knowledgeable fashionista will recognise an item from a previous season. Someone like the main character in Legally Blond, for example. Do you remember when the shopkeeper was trying to scam her with a last season item? Well, she wouldn’t have any of it! I love that movie, it’s so funny! The second one was good also, but not as funny as the first one! But back to cheap plus size clothing, because Reese Witherspoon is definitely not a plus size actress! And she probably doesn’t need to worry about how much she spends on clothes ;) So, as I said, I always shop in the sales sections, because it just makes sense. Another way to shop is TKMaxx and other outlet shops, which are actually great for plus size clothing. This is because bigger sizes often don’t get sold in shops and they end up in outlet stores. Hurray!

Plus Size Womens Clothing – The Best Blog To Watch

OK, so let’s look at the plus size womens clothing blogs that I promised earlier. Let’s start with one of my favourite ones (of course!). Nicolette Mason is from Los Angeles, but lives in New York (that already sounds like good credentials, doesn’t it? :))She is a creative consultant, fashion journalist, writer and of course a blogger. She started writing her blog in 2009 and it was more of a design blog at the beginning. It soon became a diary of her adventures in travel, arts and fashion. Her blog is full of beauty and positive thoughts. She also writes for Marie Claire and has contributed to many international fashion magazines. So, as you can see, her blog is totally professional and really worth reading (and looking at!). Oh, and did I mention that she has a lovely dog? She does! The plus size womens clothing, which she presents on her website is sexy, trendy and most of all she looks amazing in it. I don’t know if I would be adventurous enough to wear some of the items, but she definitely looks great and comfortable in them. And what’s most important, she looks very comfortable in he own body, like we all should!

Plus Size Designers – Feel Like A Movie Star

Plus Size Clothing
IGIGI plus size clothing
While plus size designers are not something that instantly comes to mind when thinking of Hollywood, there are many actresses who boast sexy curves and are not ashamed to show them off. And while celebrities from the movie capital of the world may shop at Melrose Avenue and other fashionable shopping districts of Los Angeles, you don’t have to break the bank to look as stunning as they do. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your own home to find plus size designers fit for a show biz personality. All you need to do is find a designer that sells plus size clothing at affordable prices. One of them is IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel. Dresses and accessories from IGIGI are nothing if not inspired. And as Yuliya said herself: “Every woman wants to accent her best features, deemphasize her areas of concern, and be able to strut confidently in clothes she loves. My job is to do just that.” Looking at her collections, there is no doubt she achieves this goal admirably! I already own a few items from IGIGI and they are great quality, they are trendy and extremely comfortable. Could I have asked for more? I don’t think so!

Feel Amazing In Sexy Plus Size

Are you looking for sexy plus size clothing and all you are finding are baggy oversized dresses? Do you want to look and feel like you're on a runway even though what you feel most comfortable in are maxi dresses? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a glamorous dress for a black tie event or a pair of chinos to wear at work, you will inspiration on my blog. Beauty comes in all sizes and I love it. After all this is what makes our world beautiful! It is time for you to discover what makes you beautiful and confident. Are you aware what parts of your body are you like the most proud of? What do you get complimented on the most? Let's look at some celebrities. If you are like the singer, actress and plus size model Jordin Sparks - it’s your waist. Look at her, she accentuates her middle section whenever she can. If you want to dress like her you cannot go wrong with the newest collection of plus size dresses from IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel. Dresses and accessories from IGIGI are to die for. If you want my recommendation, take a look at her amazing plus size womens clothing. This is what I call sexy plus size!

Plus Size Clothing – Choose Your Personal Style

Do you like to accentuate your decolletage? Then V neck plus size clothing (dresses especially) is a great option for you. V necks are incredibly pretty and flattering. The depth of the decolletage varies permitting you to select more or less revealing fashions. V necks accentuate breasts and the neckline without being overly apparent. And cleavage is what most plus-size women enjoy to emphasize. This is of course because there usually is a lot to be proud of. And if you combine a V neck with a high or low waisted dress you just got yourself the perfect hourglass outfit. It's a look you just can't miss. And it's very universal too, you can wear it to work or when you go out. You may of course want to pick a round neckline which is also lovely or a romantic sweetheart shape, which is especially cute in the summer. So! I hope that I managed to inspire you to experiment a little bit with your fashion and all this plus size clothing you have in your wardrobe. If you’re going shopping, don’t forget my smart shopping tips and you won’t break the bank. Do you have shopping or style tips of your own? Let me know in the comments!

Cheap Plus Size Clothing - Compromise No More!

Cheap plus size clothing – how often do we have to compromise when choosing our perfect plus size attire? Compromise on style or compromise on price. Wouldn’t you wish that you could somehow achieve both? Well, I know places where you can get amazing plus size clothing at bargain prices, but let’s talk about you first. Do you feel that being plus size makes you worth less than all those skinny bikini girls? Yes, I used to feel this way. I used to wear baggy trousers, thinking that they would conceal my curves. I was ashamed of them. And guess what? Now I can and I am proud of them! I love my curves. They are me. They define me. Now I’m proud to wear sexy dresses, even short ones! Yes, short skirts rock! I learned to accept myself, but it wasn’t easy. Especially my teenage years were difficult. Really difficult. I was fuller than most girls in my year and I always had bigger breasts. I was ashamed of them. When I first found out that such a thing as a minimizer bra exists I was over the moon! So I was there squeezing my poor breasts in those uncomfortable bras. At university I was often broke, so finding cheap plus size clothing was a must. It wasn’t easy back then. In the 90’s fashion was reserved for skinny girls. But these times have changed!

Hunting Down The Bargains: Plus Size Clothing UK Cheap

As I said finding plus size clothing UK cheap was a nightmare when I was at university. I had to rely on second-hand, charity shops and supermarket brands. Not to mention plus size swimsuits! Finding a bikini was almost impossible! So, the UK was not a great place for a plus size girl back then. It all has changed with the internet. I hardly ever go shopping on the high street any more. I can get plus size clothing UK cheap delivered to my doorstep from anywhere in the world! I especially like the American brands, I have a feeling that this market is much more mature over there, then it is in the UK. But I can’t complain about my country either, there are more and more plus size stores opening here. And mainstream brands are starting to offer plus size lines as well. It really makes me happy! With all this choice available today it really hard to find the most reliable store. You know, I like to know a brand well, when I’m ordering online. This is because the sizes do vary, especially when you think about UK versus US sizes. Really, sometimes you order a size 16 and you get 18 and vice versa. I don’t understand why they don’t make the sizing more uniform.

Cheap Plus Size Womens Clothing - New Season Inspirations

Now, that spring is just round the corner, it is time to refresh your wardrobe! I have been piling layers of cheap plus size womens clothing all those months, and soon it will be time to shed them! I can’t wait! The first thing to go will be my big, winter jackets. Don’t get me wrong, I love my coats and jackets, but I feel it is time for them to have a rest in the wardrobe until late autumn. I think I’ll start with a gilet on top of a fluffy jumper or turtleneck this spring. Btw, I saw this plus size turtleneck dress and I think it looks absolutely fabulous! The author of the blog assures that it goes well with pretty much anything and that it is a great basic piece. I love the fedora she is wearing and the quilted bag. She also mentions that wine colour is always en vogue, so it’s pretty safe to buy accessories in this colour. And here she also adds a faux fur vest, but, as she says you can easily swap it for another jacket. Yes, the black dress really does go well with anything, I have a similar piece in my wardrobe and have worn it on many occasions, from casual to formal. Brilliant look! So, let’s look at some more great cheap plus size womens clothing arrangements.

Trendy Plus Size Clothing UK Shopping

If you’re looking for some of the most trendy plus size clothing UK, you just have to take one glimpse at this blog. Luciana is a German blogger, who goes to such events as the Fashion Week in Berlin. The outfit she sported at the event is simply outstanding! She often wears black and this style is no exception. She complimented her pretty dress with a patterned, black and white jacket and slightly heavier (almost gothic) boots. She finished the look with kinky stockings. Her leather quilted-style handbag also goes great with this amazing style. So, for trendy plus size clothing UK, I really recommend this blogger. She is hip, yet elegant and has a distinctive style of her own. I also love her hairstyle, almost makes me want to cut my hair! But then, I can never make the final decision. Oh, btw, even though the text on the blog is in German initially, the author also translates it to English, so you can also read her words without using Google Translate :) Ok, let’s have a look at some more plus size clothes available in the UK! There are still lots more blogs that I would like to recommend and not sure if I’ll be able to do it all in this one article.

Cheap Plus Size Clothing UK Fashion Guide

Do you like flowers in winter? I came across this amazing style from Gabi Fresh and it made me think of spring again! It’s a floral print button-down shirt paired with skinny jeans and a leather jacket. Classic combination but fresh at the same time! If you don’t have olive coloured trousers (as Gabi does in the picture), I think it will look equally great with black or navy ones! What a great style this blogger has, truly, one of the top plus size bloggers out there. When I’m looking for cheap plus size clothing UK I always enjoy looking at such high standards blogs for inspiration. Even if the pieces themselves do not represent cheap plus size clothing UK, you can always find cheaper alternatives. I also love when bloggers include look books with links to shops where you can buy the same or similar items. This makes it much easier to find cheap plus size clothing alternatives. I’m currently looking for some plus size dresses, so I’m going to browse the web for ideas. I’ll be back shortly to share the best finds with you! Stay tuned!

Cheap Plus Size Women Clothing – How About A Maxi Dress?

I love shopping for plus size dresses UK, but what is interesting I often find inspiration on foreign blogs. I don’t know why is that. As I mentioned before, I don’t really shy away from shorter pieces either, but maxi dresses remain possibly may favourite items on my cheap plus size women clothing list. Of course as they don’t really look cheap. They are cheap because I know how to find a bargain :) Ok, so let’s look at some inspiring pictures on other blogs! The first one I found was an Austrian blogger Caludia (a lot of German-speaking blogs today!). In this post she is sporting an elegant black and white maxi dress matched up with a bright pink jacket. A brave combination, but works extremely well! But what I especially like about this look is her shoes.
Cheap Plus Size Clothing

Black and white platforms go extremely well with this maxi dress. Also the sunglasses compliment the whole and again make me think of the hot spring and summer months to come. In fact, I’ll probably start searching for summer cheap plus size clothing bargains right now. After all, now there is a chance to hunt down some amazing pieces from last season. Thanks Claudia for this inspiring outfit!

Wrapping Up The Subject Of Cheap Plus Size Clothing

As you can see, cheap plus size clothes doesn’t have to look and feel cheap at all! We are talking here about the price we actually paid for the pieces, those trendy dresses could have cost a fortune before they went on sale. I’m all about smart shopping. I don’t often buy clothes from the newest collections, because they are too pricey. I love quality and I’m patient, that’s why I always visit the clearance sections of online stores first. I know it is tempting to look at the newest collections, and I do it eventually to see what’s going to be trendy this season. But, trust me, the trends don’t actually change that quickly. Especially when looking at plus size clothing, you will notice reoccurring trends. Perhaps it’s bad for the style that that our fashion doesn’t change as quickly as skinny fashion, bit on the other hand – it’s better for our wallets! I don’t know how about you, but I love my plus size style, I love shopping for cheap plus size clothing, and I love showing off my curves in new outfits for which I didn’t pay a fortune. So what is your shopping routine? Share in the comments!